Curse of Strahd


Gaining Renown: Daggerford Raid

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     Thought it was not your first venture together, the raid on Daggerford was where your party had gained true renown. Originally formed in Waterdeep, the party set off south for Daggerford, finding Waterdeep's sea of adventurer's drowning any deeds they had done, dooming them to go unnoticed. They had finished up the last of their business in The Waterdeep Dock Ward, where work was abundant due to the mysterious and sudden absence of the "lovingly" nick-named "Barbaric Bouncer Tribes".

     Along the road south, you stumbled upon a raided trader's caravan. The horse was gone, as were most the goods, but the small bits of food scattered across the ground looked fresh. You tracked the caravan into the forest and stumbled upon a large tribe of barbarians. You could see from your hiding spot that the merchant was already dead and the tribe was too big to be to worth taking on. However you overheard talk that hinted to them being part of a larger tribe, and the last to "make their way to Daggerford."

     Once arriving in Daggerford, you alerted the authorities of your findings in the woods. Not fully content with the word of "another adventuring party from Waterdeep", the guards instead offered to help you find out more by sending you word if they saw or heard anything suspicious about barbarians. They also promised to grant you substantial payment if you were able to prove your word and bring the barbarians to justice. 

     Over the course of your inspections, infiltrations, and interrogations you found out Chief Hagar Hlutwigsson, outcast of the Bluebear tribe, had returned to the Waterdeep Dock Ward along with the remnants of the ancient Blood Wolf tribe. He united the Blue Bear, Black Boar and Boar Elk Tribes (Reduced to bouncers, bruisers, and thugs over the centuries)  in secret. They gathered all manner of brigands, bandits and tribesman in the woods the Blood Wolves called home, trickled into Daggerford (seeing it as easier prey) and planned to launch a surprise attack. 

     The evidence was delivered in time, and suspicion had grown naturally enough among the guard, that a proper defense was able to form in time. Cilivian casulties were next to nothing as they were evacuated and in hiding by the time the attack ensued. Leading the charge against the tribes was none other then your party and your importance in the thick of the battle was no less then it was in preparation. After the fighting had ended, the common folk started pouring out and praising you all as heroes. The guard that had promised you payment fulfilled his promise joyfully, now claiming you to be "like no other adventuring party from Waterdeep."

     Though many of the higher ups in the town guard had no doubt this raid would have been quelled without you, there's no denying it was thanks to your presence it was utterly crushed, and many lives saved. The Duchess Morwen herself took notice, further rewarded you, granted you honorary titles, and topped it all off with an invitation to the celebratory feast the following week.

    The party had found what they desired when they left Waterdeep far quicker then any could hope.





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